Ming Bridges


Beautiful Melody

I’m tempted to say that, to me, this was one of my most exciting video shoots to date, which is great because I feel as an artist you should strive to make each piece of work exceed your last. But never ever did I imagine a shoot to go SO stress free!

After a 3 year break I have to say I was ridden with anxiety about the shoot. I now realise how taking time off had actually done me a world of good. It was so relaxing because I allowed myself to actually ENJOY the process of filming my music video and I was so grateful to be surrounded by such an amazing team of people with the same vision for the song! I had so much fun working with the director (my first female director collaboration!) and it was just such a dream. I LOVE FLOWERS.

When I was first presented the ideas for the storyline, during the discussing I’ll have to say I pretty worried about it being too morbid. But the director just took the song and my ideas and expressed it in a way that had me in tears by the end of the music video. It was also super fun shooting with Vivian. She passed me tickets to go see her new movie which was out at the time and OH MY GOSH if you haven’t seen it yet (Our Times) GO AND WATCH IT NOW. She is such a talented actress and I am so honoured to have had her be part of my music video.

You can watch the new music video here!

THE BIGGEST thank you to everyone involved and also to all of you for your support and love. I hope you like it!

Lots of love,
Ming x