Ming Bridges


Zalora Loves Local

Had so much fun doing the shoot for the ZALORA LOVES LOCAL campaign! So happy to be a part of a movement that is showing off Singapore's home grown artists. There really is so much talent in Singapore that never gets seen. Now that the radios have taken to playing more and more local music I myself have made some amazing discoveries I would have never otherwise.

I feel fashion and music are becoming more and more interlinked with many artists expressing their voices through clothing choices as well as in their genre of music. Working on set with the likes of Cilla Chan, Nathan Hartono and Sezairi. It was so amazing seeing Nathan again - the last time I saw him was when I was about 14, having won teenage icon and going on to perform a duet at Child Aid with him. 7 years later...

This was the first time I met Cilla and Sezairi and they are both such amazing musicians. We all performed a song for ZALORA’s Youtube channel and they just blew me away. We had lots of fun goofing around on set, dancing and singing and so fourth. Overall such a fun project to be a part of!

Check out the campaign here! http://www.zalora.sg/zalora-loves-local/