Ming Bridges


Starbucks Sessions

I had such fun doing my Starbucks mini-tour to promote the release of Morphosis! I’m so grateful for the huge demand I got to release another English album - seriously, you guys are awesome. Sharing my new material with you in person made me so happy and your support means so much to me. Being an English artist in Singapore is hard work but the fact that Morphosis has hit the charts and making top sellers... incredible!

We had lots of fun singing covers together and it was just so nice to have such an intimate, casual setting to perform in. I’m pretty shy, I have to say, but this was such a comfortable way of getting more... cosy with each other? You know what I mean!

I’d like to say a big, big thank you to all the Starbucks staff for being such good sports. For offering free drinks to anyone who purchased the album while I was performing and being so accommodating for all the fans who took over the facility.

It was my first for me, performing so many gigs in such a short period of time. It brought such a smile on my face seeing familiar faces who came to listen to my music. Ahh you guys make me so, so happy!

Heres to more gigs to come!